Honda Oil Change Evansville, Indiana

When it comes to keeping your Honda running at its best, regular maintenance is required

Here at D-Patrick Honda, we encourage drivers to be aware of their maintenance schedule, especially oil changes. Our team is here to perform them for you, and when you have regular oil changes, you'll see the difference!

Getting Your Oil Changed with Us Has Big Benefits

There's lots of handy people in the Evansville, Newburgh, IN, Henderson, and Owensboro, KY areas that can change their own oil, and we think that's great. But, not all of us are DIY-types, and when you need your Honda's oil changed, coming to us will ensure you're getting a quality oil change. That's because we have all the latest tools, technology, and more with a highly-skilled team that knows the right oil specifically for your vehicle, and work hard to keep your Honda in tip-top shape. Having that backing is a good feeling every time you make an appointment, and we're always happy to provide it.

Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

We always advise that you follow the owner's manual in your Honda vehicle regarding when you should have your oil changed. However, most suggest every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, depending on your driving habits. If you're the sort of person who has a long daily commute or likes to get out and travel, putting many miles on your vehicle, you're going to want to have the oil in your Honda replenished more often. If you're someone who uses your vehicle to drive around Evansville and drive the standard amount as most people each year, you likely can go 6,000 miles between changes. Our team is here to consult with you when the best times to have your oil changed, too, if you have any questions.Those who do have their oil changed when it is needed will find that their engine performance remains high, as clean oil helps the vehicle run smoother, and decreases build up for all your engine parts, and provides streamlined performance, helps fuel economy levels, and you'll certainly notice as it creates a longer-lasting vehicle.


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Learn About Your Different Oil Options

Drivers have options for different types of oil that you can have in your Honda. There's traditional engine oil, and synthetic oil. Traditional oil works well, but you also have a shorter life span with it as you need to make sure it's been cleaned often, so with it you'd likely need more regular changes. With synthetic oil, you're getting refined oil that is also distilled and purified which helps keep your engine cleaner, offers better engine ware protection, and can work in high and low temperatures.

You can consult our service team here at D-Patrick Honda to determine which type of oil is right for you. If you have any other questions, our team would be happy to provide you with more details, set up oil change appointments, and help keep your Honda rolling with clean oil today!